By signing this contract, owners verify their pets are current on Rabies, Distemper and Parvo-Virus. Proof of Vaccination shall be provided upon request. 


Our groomer will go over what will be done and discuss options and additional services that might be needed. We pride ourselves in the quality of our styling; sometimes, corrections need to be made and we will welcome pet parents back for a quick fix on the NEXT DAY ONLY. Your dog must be in “just groomed” condition. If your dog is past the next day only or if the dog is deemed un- groomable without a bath you will be subject to a full grooming charge. Quick fix appointments must be made with the same groomer.

THE DOGGY HOUSE prides itself on offering kennel-free grooming as an option for your pet. In order to keep a stress free, safe environment for your best friend, we groom by appointment and walks in are accepted upon availability only and each pet is given a specific time based on breed and weight.

Because each pet is an individual and requires a different amount of time to be completely groomed, prices will vary. A price range can be given prior to your first grooming based on the services you are requesting; however, we cannot give you a solid quote until we actually see your pet.


ALL Dogs must be on leash and ALL Cats must be in a carrier. Please make sure your companion has a secure collar or harness with identification.


Please call at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to cancel or reschedule.

Our Groomers use a gentle and loving approach in handling our clients, therefore our appointments are scheduled so that each four-legged client receives attentive care in a soothing and calm environment. Your spa appointment is a reservation for services and for the individualized attention we provide each pet. We can only take a limited number of appointments each day. A missed appointment is a loss of income to a small business and our groomers.


If an appointment is missed without a 24-hour notification, a $25.00 “No Show”/ “Late Cancellation” Fee will be charged and a deposit of ½ the grooming cost may be required to reschedule a future appointment.


We are only able to perform the grooming services for your pet in the time allotted for your scheduled appointment. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, we may not be able to perform your scheduled grooming services and you may need to reschedule your appointment so that we can stay on schedule with our other clients. If time allows, an additional fee may apply in order to complete a full groom. 


At the time you drop off your pet, we will be able to give you an approximate time (average 60 minutes to 2 hours) for pick up. We will also call as soon as your pet is finished. Because we also offer kennel free and don’t have space to keep your pet after their grooming services are completed, we ask that you pick up your pet within 30 minutes of the call.  If you are late, an additional fee will be added to accommodate the time spent caring for and keeping your pet comfortable until you arrive. Late Pick-up Fees are as follows: $5 for each 10 minutes after a 30-minute grace period.



There is always the possibility an accident could occur. Grooming equipment is sharp, even though we use extreme caution and care in all situations, possible problems could occur including cuts, nicks, scratches, quacking of nails, etc. In most cases this can happen when a pet is wiggling or moving around. If you arrive to pick up your pet and they are still being groomed, please do NOT talk to them or allow them to see you as this usually causes them to move. Every effort will be made to ensure your pet is groomed as safely as possible, but an excited pet can be dangerous to continue to work on. If you insist on talking to your pet, or the groomer, we reserve the right to end the grooming session, even if the groom is not completed, and the full grooming price will be charged. Knowing the possibilities of and accident I will not hold this grooming establishment or groomer responsible for accident or injury to my pet.


 By signing this contract, you (or your Agent) agree to hold the Doggy house corp, it’s owners, and employees harmless from any damage, loss, or claim arising from any condition of the undersigned pet(s), either known or unknown to the doggy house. It is also further understood and agreed the terms of this agreement can change at any time, without notice, and will overwrite any and all prior signed contracts or releases


In order to keep a sanitary work environment, we ask that you walk your dog to relieve themselves prior to your appointment. A clean up fee of $5 may apply if it is a repetitive problem.  


Should your pet display aggressive behavior towards our groomers, we will make all attempts to finish grooming your pet with a muzzle. Should your pet bite and break the skin of any of our staff, a $25 fee will be added to your bill. If your pet continues to displays aggressive behavior and our groomer is unable to complete your appointment, you may be charged a partial fee for the amount of time spent attempting to groom them. The safety of our staff and the stress-free session for your doggie is our priority.


Pets groomed on a regular basis adjust and cooperate to the routine. Pets that are not groomed every 4 to 6 weeks may become matted. Matting occurs from lack of grooming, coat overgrowth, not routinely being brushed or a coat not being combed through prior to getting wet. Additional fees apply for de-matting a pet.  When matting is severe and/or close to the skin the only humane way to remove the mats is to clip the coat off to the skin line. In some cases where the matting is not severe and only covers a small area, we can remove them by splitting, thinning and then brushing them out. There is a fee of $10 – $50 to de-mat your pet. Severe matting may require longer. Matted coats are hard on our equipment and in most cases require two haircuts, the first to remove the matted coat prior to bathing and a second to even up the coat after bathing. We are not responsible for heath conditions that may be revealed by removing a matted coat such as sores, etc.


In order to provide you with excellent customer service, please notify us of any preexisting general physical/ emotional conditions prior to your grooming appointment. We strive to make the experience a happy one for both you and your pet. Our furry companions are as unique as we are, their skin can react differently to grooming equipment (blades and/ or shears). For short styles and shave downs it is not uncommon for redness or itchiness to occur. If you notice any problem with your pet’s style, we will make every effort to correct it if notified within 24 hr of the original appointment.



We require proof of vaccinations; Vaccination protocol is up to the owner and their veterinarian.

Dogs receiving vaccines cannot receive grooming services on the same day.


If you suspect your pet has fleas or ticks, you must notify the groomer. Flea infestation can lead to tapeworm and other health problems.

Let’s face it; fleas and a flea termination plan are an essential part of pet ownership. They can get them by just walking out your front door.

When you arrive for your grooming appointment, sometimes it is difficult to tell if there are fleas present until we get the animal wet. We will make an effort to contact you as soon as we notice fleas.

Dogs and Cats that come to The Doggy House for a grooming appointment with fleas are immediately given a flea bath at an additional fee of $15.00. to prevent our other grooming clients from getting fleas. Although these fees may seem unusual, they are in place to prevent a flea infestation in our spa, and to cover the cost of the extra time it takes to sanitize our grooming areas when fleas are present and the extra time it takes to treat the fleas on your pet.

The Doggy House cannot be responsible for flea prevention or treating the environment your pet lives in

By signing the grooming formyou acknowledge that you have read, understand and will comply with the aforementioned policies of The Doggy House grooming salon. A copy is available upon request for your records.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!